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Nigel Williams

Freelance IQA , EQA, CPCS, NPORS

Freelance CPCS and NPORS Construction Plant Operator Training

CPCS provides a registration card scheme acknowledged by industry for those involved in plant operations by recognising skills, knowledge and understanding, competence and qualifications.

NPORS Construction Plant training and testing is conducted in accordance with published course objectives and learning outcomes which are derived from the National Occupational Standards. Employers, once they have assessed the suitability of a person for the role of plant operator will then decide which route their candidate should follow i.e. novice, operator, experienced operator requiring training or experienced operator requiring no training. As an NPORS Accredited Training Provider (ATP) I can complete a pre-assessment of an operator to determine the level of training required.


  • Safety Awareness
  • Excavator 180
  • Excavator 360
  • Quick Hitch Awareness
  • Excavator Micro (Up to 1 Tonne)
  • Forward Tipping Dumper
  • Forward Tipping Mini Dumper
  • Rear Dump Truck
  • Telescopic Handler
  • Material re-Handler 360
  • Road Roller

  • Skid Steer Loader
  • Loading Shovel
  • Industrial Counterbalance Lift Truck
  • Reach Truck
  • Rough Terrain Lift Truck
  • Lorry Loader
  • MEWP Boom
  • MEWP Scissor Lift
  • Plant Mover
  • Slinger Signaller
  • Harness and Fall Arrest Course

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